Whether you came to live or work in Spain the good weather and more laid back lifestyle were clear incentives
However every summer we see and hear stories of how individuals do not heed the warnings about over exposure to the sun and end up seriously damaging themselves
At Age Concern we believe that we have a duty of care not only to ourselves but to those around us. Many of our clients have reached and are enjoying their retirement but even those who are now  domiciled here should take note
The sun is more powerful than you think and remedying the damage it can cause is often arduous and painful – and I know from personal experience
Just to let you know I´m not a medical professional just a guy who has lived and worked here through 25 summers and learned the hard way
In my youth I was a “sun worshipper” getting those rays until I looked like a saveloy was the ultimate goal of my summer holiday. Looked good and felt fine until I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous lesions on my head
Why did I skimp on the sunscreen and what made me think that not wearing a hat was “cool”? Hindsight is great but not when it comes at such a high cost
So please be aware and for your own health and well being make a few changes to the summer routine of yourself and your family and safely enjoy the great weather we have here
Think the 3 S´s. Sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses – ALL are essential items here so consider making them part of your daily routine and definitely if you are on holiday
Be especially wary if you have children with you. They love to play, and they should, but you can set a great example and it will be “cool” to mirror Mum and Dad
Plenty of non alcoholic fluids to keep you hydrated. Beer and spirits are to be enjoyed in moderation and preferably not in the heat of the day. I know it´s difficult but from 11 to 4 are those peak hours The side effect is often dehydration
Going red is not the sign of a great time. Or of a great tan in the making! You are damaging your skin so when you go in the sea or pool ( when using the latter please shower first ) reapply that sunscreen afterwards. Who wants to go swimming in a pool that has a layer of sunscreen on the surface?
When the sun goes down treat your body to a cool shower and a liberal dose of “after sun” to keep it moist – and help protect your tan!
Feeling unwell, headache, nausea it could be that your body has been overheating. I saw plenty of that when I owned a beach bar. Rehydrate with water and rest in a cool place were often just what was needed. Remember Prevention is always preferable to the Cure
When you leave your apartment or hotel room close south facing curtains and if it´s safe to do so leave a window ajar. On your return your room will be noticeably cooler. If you have them pull down your “toldos” to keep the heat at bay and save on your electricity bill for air conditioning at the same time
Summer is a great time of year here, so please look after yourself and those around you and have a fantastic time
Please be aware that we are NOT an Emergency  Service. For this you need to dial 112 and ask for an English speaker
The health hints are those of the writer and should only be taken as general information. They are NO SUBSTITUTE for advice provided by a qualified medical professional