The Coronavirus pandemic, whilst still with us, has already left behind a terrible legacy
Lost lives, damaged families and an economy that will take some time to recover.
Incredibly, almost unbelievably, something positive has emerged from this awful tragedy.
Our planet is now dealing with less pollution and starting to heal
Old friendships have been rekindled and new ones formed
People are talking to each other and social interaction by any means is on the rise
We now face a choice and it’s not a very difficult one
To go back to the old selfish materialistic ways or build on values of friendship and mutual support and respect
At Age Concern we understand that if you share these values then we are on the same page
We invite you to come and join us as a Client, Volunteer, Donor or Supporter
Together we will build a brighter and better community
As a valued CLIENT you will enjoy……
Our comprehensive Welfare support
A full social calendar with something for everyone
This includes weekly social get together’s at our 4 clubs, monthly lunches,day trips, shows and concerts
Help with transport to medical appointments, shopping, translation and much more
We have clubs in Los Boliches, Arroyo/Benalmadena/ La Cala and Mijas Pueblo
All services are subject to the availability of volunteers
Age Concern are determined to offer you HELP WHERE HELP IS NEEDED
We raise our money through fund raising events, donors, supporters and our Charity shop in Los Boliches
As a valued VOLUNTEER we have many opportunities so if you are interested let’s have a coffee and a chat
As a valued DONOR or SUPPORTER your financial help or involvement will make a real difference
Just pick up the phone and call 686289904 and speak to me, Steve Marshall, or leave a message
We will get back to you as quickly as possible
Or you can email us at or check out our Web and Facebook pages
We look forward to hearing from you
Thank you